Lost + Found


Beautiful invitation/poster for the curatorial collective Lost & Found. Designed by Timo Hofmeijer and Ian Brown. I love how the words are staggered.        

5 Comments on "Lost + Found"

  • ak says

    what typeface is this?

  • Lane says

    Futura bold i think

  • Antonio says

    It’s definitely Futura but I’m not so it’s Bold though. The N in the Bold weight aren’t pointy but in Medium they are. The D and L also look condensed but the O isn’t.

  • Timo says

    It’s not Futura. It’s a custom typeface drawn by Ian Brown called ‘number 9’ http://www.ianswork.net

  • Antonio says

    Timo, thanks for the correct. Lovely typeface but it’s very very close to Futura.