It’s work like this that makes my obsession with Graphic Design even stronger and gets my design juices flowing. OK-RM is a collaborative partnership between Oliver Knight and Rory Mcgrath that is based in London and New York. These guys pump out exceptional work.

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  • I have a copy of the Barbican identity guidelines, they are just so well designed. Single colour up front then four colour for examples at the back.

  • Antonio says

    Jonathan, where did you pick that up? You always manage to find the best stuff. Damn you!

  • Hey,
    I’m a final year Vis Comm student from Dublin, this site is an unyielding source of inspiration. Thank you and thank you for the collection.


  • Antonio says

    Patrick, glad this site is an inspiration.

  • Mike H says

    When I first saw their work, as soon as I glanced at it I was just connected. It’s just one of those things that simply work and you wish you had done it yourself.

    Though, I think they could have push their fashion client work more.