What Is Graphic Design?


This is my entry for the What is Graphic Design Poster Competition. My idea behind this poster is that graphic design is whatever we want it to be. Designers are responsible for defining what is graphic design with our use of color, typography, layout, and when necessary, a visual element. My design conveys this idea through a simple layout that consists of a header, image placement and copy. The image area is blank and the copy is all Lorem Ipsum, a sort of metaphor, meaning that anything can be placed there. It’s all up to the designer. That, to me, is graphic design.

What is graphic design to you? Submit an idea for a chance to win a nice prize.

I also put up a version with the grid on.        

10 thoughts on “What Is Graphic Design?

  1. Definitely let us know if you get it printed. I’m interested.

    Also, why did you make “Graphic design is” larger than the lorem ipsum text? For some reason I feel like it should be the same size as the rest of the text, just set in bold.

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