Can You Name This Typeface?


I was chopping up some boxes today for recycling and I noticed this Scientific Atlanta logo on one of them. At first glance I immediately thought it was Helvetica , but on closer inspection I was wrong. You can see that the “a” and “t” are slightly different than the forms found in Helvetica and the overall width of the face is wider.

Personally I’m not sure which typeface this is. Do you? Part of me thinks it’s not Helvetica and part of me thinks it’s so close to it that it might be and old or new variation of it. Or it’s possible that they commissioned someone to create a special face for them based on Helvetica.

What do you think?        

18 thoughts on “Can You Name This Typeface?

  1. Definitely looks like a Helvetica clone! The “a” and the”t” both look more like Arial, but the “a” is cut off very sharply. To me, it looks like Olnova Bold a free font from something called Jabroo.

  2. Nice find. Weird, the logo in that brand guide is definitely using Helvetica. I wonder why the logo I posted is different. Also, this logo doesn’t look extended at all.

  3. Hmm, looks very, very like Helvetica Neue to me. If not Extended, then possibly 75 Bold instead?

    Perhaps it’s been distorted a little in the process of printing it onto the boxes, or perhaps it’s been deliberately tweaked as part of the logo design process?

  4. Id guide different than logo?
    Hm, maybe this logo is an older version or something like that, in the end we all know that it is customized a.

  5. I guess the consensus is that it’s Helvetica. It’s too close to not be but those a’s and the extended feel still have me thinking.

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