Helvetica 50 Invite


Here’s my copy of the beautiful Helvetica 50 Exhibit invite design by Build. The gold looks great in person.

You can see more pics of the invite on my Flickr page.        

5 Comments on "Helvetica 50 Invite"

  • Joey says

    It really is beautiful. I wonder if there’s a way to get a copy. I really, really want one.

  • JC says

    Wow that’s cool…ive just uploaded the invitation to the London opening in the Design Museum on my flickr…i dont know which one i prefer?

    http://flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

  • Antonio says

    Joey, contact Espeis Gallery/. They might have extra copies.

    JC, the London one is great. Do you know if I can still get one somewhere?

  • JC says

    Im not too sure…maybe if you send Blanka an email or Richard Seabrooke at Candy http://www.candycollective.com/ ….they were the organizers of the event.

  • Ragdoll says

    Looks pretty, but they put single-quotes around 50, which should have double-quotes, instead.