7 thoughts on “Kinder Riegel

  1. Actually I’m not a big fan of the Kinder logo…it could use some serious kerning (come on, it’s like ‘K inder’ over there), and the color diference makes the separation worse IMO.

    The type feels really soft though, I do like that choice

  2. Ale, the funky kerning and softness is due to the fact that I scanned an actual wrapper since I couldn’t find a good example online.

  3. Haha….my colleague from Germany just brought back some Kinder chocolate. I think they’ve actually been around for awhile since they are owned by an Italian company: http://www.ferrero.it/

    Maybe the logo was just done “in-house”? Also there’s not much room to play with kerning-wise since there are so many geometric curves right up against straight vertical strokes.

  4. I’m also working on a personal project trying to redesign to kinder 8 bars package. follow up on that soon 🙂

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