AisleOne BookShelf 3rd Edition

Emigre 57

The third edition of AisleOne BookShelf features Emigre Issue 57 – Lost Formats Preservation Society designed and edited by Experimental Jetset. This issue focuses on the lost formats of storage data. There are some essays but it’s mostly full of visual goodness. Pages and pages of big, bold type in beautiful Helvetica designed in EJ’s typographic style.

Emigre 57 – Lost Formats Preservation Society
Designed and edited by Amsterdam’s Experimental Jetset, Emigre 57 is an homage to lost formats—a celebration of customized mixtapes, obscure computer discs, and forgotten standards. The issue, while questioning its own physical manifestation as a magazine, reminds us how once each format used to contain its own specific data, while today the CD/DVD format is capable of containing ALL data, setting the stage for the final step, the mythical non-format.

You can view more photos of the books on the AisleOne Flickr page.


2 thoughts on “AisleOne BookShelf 3rd Edition

  1. I have this piece as well and it’s my favorite issue of Emigre. Beautiful stuff. I love the use of overprinting and the complex interaction of the overlapped grids.

    Has anyone else wondered about the relationship between this piece and Michael C. Place’s Dead Format Series? I am a big fan of both designers and could see that they would inspire each other on occasion as they share some common influences.

  2. Yeah I agree. Sometimes I get confused by the two. Maybe they should get together and do a nice book about these dead formats.

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