Be Invisible. Be Seen.

Be Invisible. Be Seen.

Yesterday I posted about the talented studio House Of Burvo but what I forgot to mention was their excellent book “Be Invisible Be Seen”. It’s a collection of typography created by them between 2005 and 2007.

Contains 158 pages of black; and 80% red ink throughout. Content as seen in pictures below, but with the new cover design. (QR code takes you directly to with code readers available for mobile phones!)

Compare and contrast all of HouseOfBurvo’s fonts on an unprecedented scale! View samples and examples of the fonts in use! Read about how they were made and what ideas inspired them! Even includes two full type-discussions essays in book format! Read about Helvetica-Serif in Sans-no-More! Wonder about Times-New-Roman-Sans in ‘Sans Means Without’! This book is an interesting companion to anyone with an interest in typography/letterering and is available now!

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  1. John, click on the second link in the article.

    …The site seems to be down at the moment but you you purchase it straight from their site.

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