This Color Doesn’t Belong To You


T-Mobile has some balls and I can’t believe that a company can own the rights to a color, let alone Magenta. That’s just ridiculous. Seems like the people in the Netherlands aren’t happy about this. Can anyone confirm if you get this dialog message when selecting pure magenta in CS3? I have a hard time believe that you do.

In The Netherlands, a social movement is born to protect the free use of the magenta colour in communication materials. The fight has begun recently, when mobile carrier T-Mobile has started a legal fight versus a series of Dutch brands such as Slam FM, Compello and 100% NL which magenta in their logo.

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10 thoughts on “This Color Doesn’t Belong To You

  1. I don’t get a dialog box, but after choosing 100% magenta in the color picker, closing out, creating a shape with the fill and double clicking on the color box in the menu bar it returns a color value different from 100% magenta–in my case it changed it to 0% C, 1% Y, 99% M and 1% K. Changing it back to 100% M, closing and then re-opening the color picker yeilds the same multi-color version of magenta.


  2. OK, I gave a try and didn’t see the dialog box.

    @Donebylee : I think that your color change is due to the fact that you work in RVB and not in CMYK because it works in CMYK :o)

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