Apple, It’s Time For An iPhone Update

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Apple, it’s time for an iPhone update

I love my iPhone. It’s the greatest device I’ve ever used and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It has increased my daily productivity and efficiency like no other. It’s beautiful and it just freakin’ works. The software itself is worth the price tag but it’s been almost 5 months since it’s release and we still haven’t seen a “real” software upgrade for it. Sure we got a nice little upgrade last month that added some minor features but it’s time for Apple to add the “standard” features that almost every cell phone has as well as some of the more logical features that should be there but aren’t.

Here is my list of features that I think is time for Apple to add.

1. Send images via text message (MMS).
2. Send one message to multiple people.
3. Add word to dictionary.
4. Search contacts.
5. Search email.
6. Mark all emails as read.
7. Delete all emails.
8. Show all inboxes together like in Mail.
9. Select, copy and paste text.
10. Add attachments.
11. Save attachments.
12. Video.
13. Flash player in Safari.

I’m sure I have more but this cold is giving me a brain fart. I would also like to see another new app or two.


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