Radiohead – In Rainbows

In Rainbows

Cover art by Jon Hicks

If you live under a rock and haven’t heard by now, Radiohead has released their new album called In Rainbows which is available for download on their website. Personally I think it might be their best album yet, yes even better than the amazing Ok Computer. The album pulls the best parts from all their previous recordings and mixes it all together into one euphoric experience. If you haven’t purchased it yet, head over to and pay what you want for it. I myself payed $20. It’s worth a lot more than that.        

2 thoughts on “Radiohead – In Rainbows

  1. radiohead is one of these bands that everybody that is supposed to be cool is supposed to love. sigur ros is another. of course the critics love them too. while these bands definitely have talent, they just use it wanking away making somewhat interesting sounds and not much else. their marketing, PR, and image is far greater than any music they put out these days. which has gotten more play, the free download hype or the actual music? in rainbows has interesting moments but overall is BORING. after 3 listens nothing sticks at all. and only a fool would actually pay any money for something that is being given away for free by the way. charity for millionaires? ha.

  2. Well I guess you are happy with the Britney Spears music world but to me I want better music and in my opinion Radiohead is always pushing forward with new sounds. You seem like the type of guy who is too pissed off with life to appreciate anything so to engage in this convo with someone like you is pointless. I you don’t like the new album, that’s your right but you seem more concerned with bashing the “cool” people than actually listening to the damn album.

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