AisleOne BookShelf 1st Edition


I’m obsessed with design books, to the point where I’ll buy a book just because it has a well designed cover. What’s interesting (or weird) about my obsession is that I really don’t read much of what’s written in these books, I skim through. If it’s a book that’s strictly text, for example a book about type formating and structure, I’ll read it word for word. But if the book mostly contains great visuals, I’ll concentrate on that for inspiration. I’m definitely more of a visual person.

Anyway, I’m slowing building a nice collection and so I’m going to post the books on here for all to enjoy. In this edition of AisleOne Bookshelf we have a book, a magazine and an exhibit catalogue: Wim Crouwel Alphabets, Grafik Magazine Issue 150 and Wim Crouwel: Typographic Architectures.

Wim Crouwel Alphabets
A book by Kees Broos in which Wim Crouwel explains in detail the reasoning and working methods behind his typefaces. The text is accompanied by many of Crouwel’s illustrations and designs.

Grafik Magzine: Issue 150
This limited edition copy contains a cover hand printed by K2 Screen in London. Since it’s hand printed, each issue is unique.

Wim Crouwel: Typographic Architectures
Published for ‘Wim Crouwel: Architectures Typographiques, 1956-1976’, an exhibition that took place in Paris featuring texts by Wim Crouwel, Catherine de Smet and Emmanuel BĂ©rard and various work by Wim Crouwel. The publication also includes his catalogue work for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. The catalogue was designed by Experimental Jetset.

You can view more photos of the books on my Flickr page.