Design Museum x State of the Obvious

Mash Creative and Design Museum have joined forces to develop a collection of products under the State of the Obvious S/O/T/O brand. The collection is exclusivity available at Design Museum and includes an iPhone 3 & 4 and iPad 1 & 2 GelaSkins, Staedtler Marker Pens, USB Sticks, Travel Card Wallets and Keyrings.

Creative Director, Mark Bloom explains:

Extending the philosophy & thinking behind our branded State of the Obvious collection, we have designed a set of products exclusively for the Design Museum.

The design of these products has been heavily influenced by the International Typographic Style from the 50’s and 60’s & shows an evolution from our original S/O/T/O collection. It has been designed to appeal to typography and design lovers alike.

At S/O/T/O we design and produce products which not only look good but also have a useful function.

Swiss Graphic Design: Precision and Presence

Swiss Graphic Design ExhibitImage above by Ryan Nelson.

Man, I wish I lived in Minneapolis right now. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has an exhibit titled Swiss Graphic Design: Precision and Presence that features a series of 20 Swiss posters dating from 1950 to 1985. It has been on display since January and I’m bummed that I’m just hearing about it now because it ends this Sunday! It’s good to see that such a great era in design is still being respected and passed along. We need more exhibits like this. I really have to try to curate one here in NYC.

I apologize for the bad photo, it’s the best I could find, but I did manage to find two Flickr sets of the exhibit. One by Joe Kral and the other by Ryan Nelson. Enjoy.


Wood Type Museum


Robert Lee of Unicorn Graphics in Garden City, NY has amassed an incredible collection of wood types and engraved blocks, and is cataloging them in an online museum for everyone to view. The collection includes catalogs, wood types, ornaments, borders, engraved blocks, cuts and more. Simply amazing. The museum is described as:

This Web Museum is established for the purpose of educating the general public, and the next generation, on the beauties of wood types and engraved blocks. Our mission is to gather, save, preserve, and interpret wood types and information about them.

Well done Robert.


Branding the Museum of Arts and Design


I’m loving the branding work done by Pentagram for the reopening of the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC. The use of the MAD acronym is a nice touch which opens up so many possibilities. For the logo they created a new face called MAD that is made up of circles and squares which mimics the museums location.

In the blog entry, Michael Bierut explains their process, which includes some sketches of the logo.