RE—C Type Family

RE—C is a lovely new typeface by the talented Emil Olsson that is based on mix of french elegance and computer aesthetics. I personally love the “R”.

It’s available in 3 weights (Light, Regular, Bold) and only in upper-case characters. You can get the entire family for only $47 or individual weights for $19 each. A bargain if you ask me.

Download the type specimen        

Typographic Conundrums


Conundrums is a striking new book, designed by Harry Pearce of Pentagram, that presents a collection of typographic puzzles constrained by three simple rules: one box, two colours, a single typeface. The typeface used is AG Old Face designed by Guenter Gerhard Lange in 1984 for the H. Berthold AG type foundry.

Beautiful. You can grab a copy for only $10 at Amazon.        

Dieter Rams

Image courtesy of September Industry.

Seems like there’s a ton of stuff going on around Dieter Rams and his legendary work.

There’s the “Less and More – The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams” exhibit at the Design Museum in London.

To coincide with the event, a book with the same name will be released by Gestalten this month which features all of Rams’ products as well as selected sketches and models. They also have a video interview with Rams on their website.

The excellent design agency Bibliotheque has created two stunning posters dedicated to Rams’ legacy. The first, which is pictured here, is titled “Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles” and features his ten principles for good design. They were commissioned by Vitsœ to create the poster, which is currently available on their site.

The second lovely poster they designed is titled “Dieter Rams T1000” and features an illustration of the Braun T1000 shortwave receiver. It will be screen printed and should be available this week.

And finally we have the retrospective book “BRAUN – Fifty Years of Design and Innovation” that celebrates 50 years of the Braun brand. The book is slated to be released in 2010 but you can pre-order it now through Amazon.

Wheew! That was a lot! Enjoy.

Experimental Jetset Shirts Reissued


After a year of being out-of-print, the excellent collection of t-shirts by Experimental Jetset are being reissued by Yoshi Kawasaki’s new label, Publik.

The first designs available are John & Paul & Ringo & George, New Wave/Neue Welle/Nouvelle Vague, Cu Vi Estas Esperantisto?, Flag/Sabbath/Big and Grow Your Hair. All are available in several color combinations.

I personally have the New Wave/Neue Welle/Nouvelle Vague and Cu Vi Estas Esperantisto? tee’s and they’re awesome. Might have to get these new color combos.

You can get more info on the designs here, here and here.        

Black Hello T-Shirt Now Available

A lot of people have been asking and now they’re finally here. Hello T-shirts in Black are now available from Buddy Carr Skateboards. The white version has also been restocked and we still have some Hello Skateboards left. Hurry up and grab them before they’re gone!

Screen Printed on 100% Combed Ringspun Cotton
Super-soft, Lightweight, Slimfit
Machine Washable and Preshrunk to Minimize Shrinkage
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
Color: Black, White

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