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A father. A designer. A New Yorker.

I'm a designer, born and raised in Queens, NY. I'm currently a Senior Product Designer at GroupMe, where I focus on UI/UX design.

I'm also the author of The Grid System, an ever-growing resource on grid systems and part of the Thinking for a Living Network.

The Thinking for a Living Network

The Thinking for a Living Network is built on friendship, passion and a dedication to the craft of design. The Network is an alliance of like-minded individuals who are experimenting with publishing and education through a series of topic specific sites, conferences, workshops and publications. The Network includes Thinking for a Living, The Grid System, AisleOne, Design Facts, The Design Manifesto, More Substance, and Thought & Theory and is organized by Shane Bzdok, Antonio Carusone, Frank Chimero, Ian Coyle, J. Ellis and Duane King.


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I get a ton of email, so if I don't respond it doesn't mean that I haven't looked at your work or read your email. I look at all emails, it's just hard to respond to everyone. And if you can, please keep the email short. Thanks!

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