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Spiriva For Sale

Braun Brochures

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7 Comments on "Spiriva For Sale"

  • These are fabulous!

  • tyler says

    These look great, and you are right.. the col­ors are excellent.

  • Will says

    wow, these are incred­i­ble and the pho­tog­ra­phy is superb.

  • These are just fan­tas­tic. Book­mark­ing that Flickr!

  • victor says

    Anto­nio, the designer may also be Dieter Rams, who is the most iconic Braun’s indus­trial designer, mostly in enter­tain­ment­prod­ucts (tuners, pick­ups,…). He has been the great­est inspi­ra­tion for Apple’s design­ers as well.

  • Hi Vic­tor, I’m quite famil­iar with Rams’ work, and I’m pretty sure he never did any graphic design work. I doubt he designed these brochures.

  • Hi Anto­nio, Schmit­tel was the main direc­tor of the graphic design for Braun when these brochures were printed.
    A lot of infor­ma­tions are avail­able (in ger­man) here: http://​www​.schmit​tel​-iden​tity​.de/
    Google trans­la­tion is use­full.
    (any­away, thanks for the link)