2 thoughts on “Club Céramique Poster

  1. Hey Antonio, you’re too kind calling it a “recent poster” – check the dates on it! But you’re right – compared to most of the stuff on our website, it’s relatively recent (we know – we should update our site).
    Anyway, we don’t know where you got this image from (the ‘Confessions of a Design Geek’ blog, perhaps?), but we just wanted to mention that the photographs we used on the poster (with permission, obviously) were made by Owen Hatherley (who happens to be the writer of the excellent ‘Militant Modernism’, published by Verso in 2009). That’s all!

    1. Thanks folks for the update. I misread the date, I thought it was this year. I adjusted the post. The image I pulled from your site. I just clicked on the thumbnail in your news feed and it spawned a larger version. Thanks for letting us know about the photographer. Great job on the poster.

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