Pollen is a creative agency founded in 2001 and consists of Barny Collis, Rosa van Wyk and Anton Agejkin. The work is stellar, and the site is impressive as well. It amazes me how many agencies don’t have great sites to present their work. It makes a huge difference.

4 thoughts on “Pollen

  1. Wow! Really great work. These guys are super talented. They ran a brilliant design workshop when I was studying at the London College of Communication. Good to see them finally getting recognised on Aisle One!

  2. Impressive stuff! Pollen seem to be on fire right now! I’m seeing their work everywhere.

  3. Vraiment intéressant de voir de nombreux projets de conception exceptionnelles faite par cette équipe intelligente européen. J’ai vu l’identité de Marque Carine s’animent à la soirée de lancement à Paris et il avait l’air incroyable!

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