Pan Am Destination Posters


These beau­ti­ful and mys­te­ri­ous Pan Am posters were designed in 1971 by Cher­may­eff & Geis­mar. What’s remark­able about these posters — other than the min­i­mal design and the use of Hel­vetica — is the power of the pho­tog­ra­phy. The sim­ple, some­times monocro­matic, images make a clear state­ment about the loca­tion and inspire the viewer. You can see a few other exam­ples here and here.

DCrit stu­dent Fred­erico Duarte did a lit­tle dig­ging and dis­cov­ered some inter­est­ing info about the posters. You can read the story on the Eye Mag­a­zine blog and in a fea­ture.    

5 Comments on "Pan Am Destination Posters"

  • bastie says

    reminds me a bit of the fly­ing over euro­pre series done by otl aicher for the ger­man air­line lufthansa.

  • I’m get­ting hot just look­ing at it. Any­one got water?

  • Nic says

    Beau­ti­ful restraint shown. Such an evoca­tive image wouldn’t need any­thing more.

  • Rob says

    ”The way the world wants to fly”.

  • Kevin says

    I want these blown up and on my wall!