Pan Am Destination Posters


These beautiful and mysterious Pan Am posters were designed in 1971 by Chermayeff & Geismar. What’s remarkable about these posters — other than the minimal design and the use of Helvetica — is the power of the photography. The simple, sometimes monocromatic, images make a clear statement about the location and inspire the viewer. You can see a few other examples here and here.

DCrit student Frederico Duarte did a little digging and discovered some interesting info about the posters. You can read the story on the Eye Magazine blog and in a feature.        



Here’s another great studio from down under. Round is based out of Melbourne and has produced a solid body of work. My personal favorite is the beautifully designed Sydney Design Guide, a guide for the design savy tourist. Even though I live worlds away from Sydney, I might purchase this book just for the aesthetic aspect of it.