Oppositions Magazine 1973-1984


Oppo­si­tions was an archi­tec­tural jour­nal by the Insti­tute For Archi­tec­ture And Urban Stud­ies that was pub­lished from 1973 to 1984. The mag­a­zine was designed by the great Mas­simo Vignelli and it sure doesn’t dis­ap­point with its obvi­ous grid lay­out. This Flickr set includes a bunch of the cov­ers, some of which fea­ture black illus­tra­tions, and this set by Paul Soulel­lis has some shots of the inside spreads.

I was out­bid on a copy of this a few months back. Would have made a great addi­tion to my col­lec­tion — maybe I’ll start to obses­sively search for them now.

4 Comments on "Oppositions Magazine 1973-1984"

  • Emanuel says

    So, that’s what’s been miss­ing from my wish list… I haven’t heard of this series before but it seems absolutely desir­able. Archi­tec­ture meets graph­ics wrapped in grids. The Spring 1977, # 8 one is sim­ply amazing.

    Thanks for shar­ing, good luck with your search :)

  • Some shots of the issues in our office, where you get a bet­ter sense of the printed color (silkscreened warm orange-red). http://​goo​.gl/​r​utn

  • Nice focus. I’ve found some more infos, check my post: http://​www​.design​ers​-books​.com/​?​p​=​3​711
    There’s a Oppo­si­tions read­ers book, kind of best of all the essays pub­lished through the issues. The best price is quite a bargain.

  • Mike Binski says

    I saw these mag­a­zines on sale on ama­zon. I’m not sure if they are still for sale though since it was a few weeks ago