Anouk Rehorek


Even though I’ve never done it, I love magazine design. Something about seeing a well-designed spread get’s my creative juices flowing. It’s unfortunate that the magazine industry is hurting because I’d hate to lose all the great creative.

Some of the best magazine designs I’ve seen are by Swiss graphic designer, Anouk Rehorek. His use of black and white color along with serif type is stunning and the way he integrates imagery really creates a perfect balance.        

5 thoughts on “Anouk Rehorek

  1. When I had a transfer at Zurich airport, I picked up a magazine of Bang & Olufsen. Yes…unlike most airports, in Switzerland they have B&O mags for free.

    I opened it and you immediately see the Swedish hand at work. It uses a rounded sans serif and is very very clean.

    I’ve been noticing that here in The Netherlands the above style is being picked up by magazines and executed poorly. I don’t know if it’s a system these days or what, but every famous person can have his own mag which is named after their first name.

    I have a distinct feeling that they are using fixed templates and fixed type. It’s always the same damn thing.


  2. Wow, simply gorgeous. It’s a shame that the images are kind of small, but awesome anyway!

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