Experimental Jetset CAPC Catalog & Poster


David over at SeptemberIndustry spotted this gem on Experimental Jetset’s Myspace page. A gorgeous set of print work EJ did for an Heimo Zobernig exhibition in Bordeaux. The work includes an A2 folded to A5 Invitation, A4 Catalog and a massive poster.

I love how the minimal design really makes the poster stand out in a public environment. Exceptionally strong and stunning visual.        

8 thoughts on “Experimental Jetset CAPC Catalog & Poster

  1. Hey Antonio, funny to suddenly see this project posted here and there. We haven’t had time yet to properly update our actual website, so we thought we could secretly post this stuff in the ghosttown that is MySpace, since nobody goes there anymore. Guess we were wrong.
    Anyway, some more information on the project: all the words we used were selected from Heimo Zobernig’s ‘Lexikon der Kunst’, a book from 1992. And the catalog you see on the photograph is a dummy; the actual book is being printed as we speak. The publisher is Les Presses du Réel, from France (the catalog’s bilingual though).
    Okay, that’s it. Best, EJ.

  2. I feel a bit stupid right now…. Doesn’t seem that meaningless anymore. Thanks for the clarification EJ. The ‘I like it’-part of my comment is still valid.

  3. Hey Antonio, the book will be available through Les Presses du Réel, in the beginning of 2010. As for posters (and invitations): you could try to contact CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux, and ask them if they have some copies left. You’d be surprised what institutes are willing to send you when you just ask… Okay, if we don’t speak anymore: Happy Holidays!

  4. I got the “Cole_Affiche_Politik_Chaos” one… Seems that living in Bordeaux have some kind of advantages!

    Perfect job on that project. Love it!

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