Arthur Erickson & Japan Poster


Love this poster for an event called Arthur Erickson & Japan that focuses on modernist architect Arthur Erickson’s journey to Japan in 1961. Not sure who designed it but the big bold type, white text on black, two-column grid and the uneven horizontal strips of color make for a beautiful design.        

6 thoughts on “Arthur Erickson & Japan Poster

  1. I think Futura Ultra Bold would’ve been a better choice, all caps or not — Japanese have a ‘sweet tooth’ for it, from logos to posters or to magazines 🙂 Helvetica could’ve been the second typeface, for subtitles and body text, it works great with Futura, just as Univers does.

    Btw, nice touch with the anti-spam words — I got Brockmann 🙂

  2. Also want to note that Helvetica was Erickson’s favourite typeface. I had the privilege of taking him out for dinner a few months before he passed. The use of Helvetica on this poster was a small tribute the man.

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