9 thoughts on “Stefan Kanchev

  1. These piece of work are incredible! So simple but they really do communicate what they are about. You are right in what you say about the fact that they work solid and in a single colour… You see so many logos out there now which rely on full colour process to be reproduced.

    Great find! – Thanks

  2. You’re right…. incredible. Thanks for the insight. 15+ years of designing and I’ve never come across work or even the name Stefan Kanchev. His logo design is inspirational on many levels. After just a quick review, I see a unbelievable collection of symbols that just feel right. They work in one color and many have held the test of time.

  3. Amazing work. Wow, I’ve never heard of this guy before, or even seen any of this work. Hard to believe such a great designer, as you said, in the league of Rand, Bass, Lance Wyman and others can go pretty much unnoticed — great find Mister Carusone!

    You can really tell the work was crafted by hand. Each of his identities feels original and unique.

  4. Thank you so much for your post! As a young graphic designer that grew up in Bulgaria (currently residing in San Francisco) I grew up among Stefan Kanchev’s designs all around me. As a child I took it for granted but now as an adult I feel very lucky to have been surrounded by Kanchev’s designs.

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