Vintage Maps

Shell Atlas

Here’s an awesome collection of vintage maps that Scott Hansen has compiled. I love this kind of stuff and I always scour eBay for these gems. The simplicity of these cover designs is fantastic. I wish they still looked this good. We now have to settle for this kind of crap.        

4 Comments on "Vintage Maps"

  • Celso Gomes says

    Every time I notice there’s a new post I feel like a little kid on christmas day. On the one hand, there’s the simplicity and unpretentiousness of the design. On the other, there’s content that never disappoints.

    You, sir, just made my day.

  • emanuel says

    This, is good stuff! I am a grids’ guy, i love clean and solid design and this piece of work is simple amazing. Not to mention unbelievably contemporary. thanx for bringing it to my attention.
    keep up the good work.

  • Glad you guys enjoy it!

  • Rob says

    I want a t-shirt of the nature lovers’ atlas!