Design by Silnt


I’ve been meaning to write about these guys for sometime now and this new project was a nice kick–in–the–butt to finally do it. Silnt is a studio based in Singapore and led by Felix Ng.

Pictured above is a lovely special edition box set containing the artwork and sounds created by the participating artists for the Dual City Sessions / Art with Sound exhibition. 1290gsm cardboard is used for the packaging and the artwork is printed on 300gsm Recycled FSC Certified Wove Fresh White. Best of all, it’s all set in the gorgeous Alte Haas Grotesk typeface.

You can purchase the set at The Asylum.        

6 thoughts on “Design by Silnt

  1. Slint work shows a deep understanding of production and conceptualization, allowing great ideas to come to life with that understanding. thumbs up for Felix and Slint.

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