Alte Haas Grotesk


I found this excel­lent font last night while surf­ing for old Swiss design books. Alte Haas Grotesk by Yann Le Coroller, is a free Grotesk/Helvetica look-a-like with a soft feel to the edges. The author describes it as a type­face that looks like it were printed in an old Brock­mann book. It def­i­nitely has that feel to it. I’m look­ing for­ward to using this in a design.        

12 Comments on "Alte Haas Grotesk"

  • It does have soft edges. What types of designs would you use this in? Not sure where it would be placed and what atmos­phere would do it justice.

  • Antonio says

    It’s a neu­tral type­face so it should work in almost anything.

  • Michael says

    I think its quite nice, well described as being like some­thing from an old brock­mann book

  • I found this the other day by acci­dent too, I really love it. I’m look­ing for­ward to using it but I’m not sure where yet…

  • bender says

    It looks really nice, but it’s a shame that in this and every other free font I’ve seen the kern­ing looks to be com­pletely hor­ri­ble. It’s no fun hav­ing to tweak every sin­gle let­ter pair in every sin­gle line of type you write. That and the ludi­crously lim­ited num­ber of dif­fer­ent cuts/special char­ac­ters is the main rea­son why I stay away from free fonts. Can’t deal if I don’t have at least five dif­fer­ent weights + ital­ics + small caps and hope­fully an alter­nate ver­sion to boot =)

    But it does look like a very nicely drawn font for a free one! Defi­nately has that retro feel to it.

  • Michael says

    yeah ben­der, shock­ingly nice for a dafont font… no grunge or graf­fiti in sight :O

  • Boringvision says

    I used Alte Haas Grotesk one year ago to make some party flyer…nice type­face, a kind of spicy Hel­vetica with­out soul…

  • mancho says

    I use it a lot. Espe­cially when i’m feel­ing kinda tired of using hel­vetica un all my design, then i turn to this one. 😉

    Love it

  • Peter Sawatzky says

    Cool find!

  • argh, my fingers says

    Inter­est­ingly, this face works quite well at var­i­ous small screen sizes as well as in print; I’ve been using it as a place­holder in a num­ber of game inter­faces and found it to sit com­fort­ably for both chat­log text and larger main-screen event noti­fi­ca­tions, as well as pretty much every­thing in-between.

  • Lyle Petersen says

    I use the bold ver­sion of this font for video sub­ti­tles. It is a task for which this font is remark­ably well suited. Easy to read on-screen at nearly any size, pleas­ant to the eye, and doesn’t seem to have a strong “style” that would con­flict with using it on any film.