Mercatdelgust Poster


Swiss style inspired poster by Spain based firm Bisgràfic. They sent me an explanation of the info on the poster, but I think I deleted it by accident. Oops!

They re-sent me the explanation.

“It’s all written in catalan, but I’ll explain you. It is about a market. The Taste Market is a fair where you can find every kind of foodstuff that comes from the cultivation of the earth. In the poster there is a mixture between two elements: the earth and the food. The earth is green, like the nature, the grown fields, … and the food is orange. Both things are shown with the most elementary symbol: the round, symbolizing the plate, the earth, the food.”


2 thoughts on “Mercatdelgust Poster

  1. It says “Market of taste,”
    “Market of products of our earth, Osona”

    It is not in Spanish it is in Catalan, spoken around Barcelona
    and in a dialect of it, in Valencia.

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