Introducing LegiStyles™


As some of you already know, I use NetNewsWire for all my feed reading duties. It’s an amazing desktop applications that offers a ton of great features including synchronization. One of the great advantages of using NNW is that you can use custom CSS styles on your feeds.

There are a bunch of styles out there that are good but they all kind of look the same and most of them don’t focus on typography and readability. I’m trying to fill this void with what I like to call LegiStyles™, a series of custom NNW styles I’ve created that focus on design and typography. Best of all they’re free.

As of now I have 4 styles available but I plan to add more over time. If you don’t use NNW, I highly recommend it. If you do, head over to the site and download a style or two.

I’ve setup an RSS feed as a way to keep informed on news and updates. For all you Twitter users, follow LegiStyles for updates and also reply with any feedback using @legistyles.


8 thoughts on “Introducing LegiStyles™

  1. Perfect! I love NNW as well (just could never see what was so great about Google Reader…). Think I’ll implement the Haaus style right now…

  2. Very nice design. I noticed a slight inconvenience however. The automatic capitalization in the title makes for inappropriate spelling of typical i-savvy words (e.g.: IPhone in stead of iPhone). Nevertheless I happily use Serif White as my default for daily use.

  3. Hi Antonio, what happened to Legistyles? You did great job on them, I’ve been using Brockmann for a while now and now need to download it again (computer problems), but the page seems to be offline. I’m also joining the comment about auto caps being inconvenient, it looks quite weird in languages other than english…

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