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Estab­lished in 2001 by Michael C. Place, Build has since forged an inter­na­tional rep­u­ta­tion as a forward-thinking Graphic Design stu­dio with an excep­tional eye for detail and a sense of style that tran­scends pop­u­lar trends of graphic design. They believe good ideas can be applied to any­thing. Michael took a moment to answer a few ques­tions for AisleOne.

How long have you been design­ing?
Left col­lege in 1990, so 17 (and a bit years).

Who or what turned you on to graphic design?
I first heard the term in school, my art teacher saw the way I drew and asked if I had heard of “Graphic Design?, he lent me a book on the sub­ject, I thought it was inter­est­ing. Then when I left school I did a foun­da­tion course, one of the mod­ules was Graphic Design, I liked that the best and went on to study it at OND & HND.

Who or what are your influ­ences?
One of the first was a guy called Rod Clark who designed a very for­ward think­ing music mag­a­zine called “Under­ground?, an amaz­ing proto-swiss-punk design. Mal­colm Gar­rett for his Buz­zcocks sleeves, but one of my biggest was Vaughan Oliver, his work for 4AD Records was (and still is) breathtaking.

What is your favorite type­face?
I’m not sure, that changes from day-to-day.


What is your favorite color palette to work with?
Black & White (is that a colour palette?).

Can you explain your cre­ative process from brief to com­ple­tion?
I’m guess­ing it’s really no dif­fer­ent from most peo­ples, read the brief, think, sketch, think, pro­cras­ti­nate, sketch, think, pro­cras­ti­nate, present, refine, finish.

Do you use a grid sys­tem when design­ing and how do you feel about them?
Some­times, depends on the project.

Who do you feel is cur­rently doing inno­v­a­tive work?
I’m really enjoy­ing the work of Stock­holm Design Lab.


What are you work­ing on now?
A set of 3 EPs for Fly­ing Lotus, iden­tity for Gen­er­a­tion Press, plan­ning for 2 book projects, 1 pitch, 3 big projects we can’t dis­cuss and try­ing to shift a flu-virus.

What is your favorite color?
Blue or Black.

What is your favorite album?
I don’t have a favourite album, I have hun­dreds of favourite albums, I would feel that I would be let­ting some­one down by sin­gling out just one. At the moment I’m really enjoy­ing ‘Pop Ambi­ent 2008′.

What is your favorite movie?
Any­thing that con­tains the fol­low­ing–
Dinosaurs, space­ships, time-travel (back­wards & for­wards), aliens, cow­boys & indi­ans, vam­pires, vam­pire hunters, robots, laser-guns, light-sabres, sub­marines, fly­ing cars, talk­ing ani­mals & Robert DeNiro.

Inter­vista is a series of inter­views con­ducted for AisleOne with some of todays top tal­ents in graphic design.


9 Comments on "Intervista: Build"

  • david says

    Nice inter­view! I sent one to Michael a few weeks back but he didn’t reply :(

  • Sandro says

    Nice inter­view indeed. I must say I agree with Build on SDL, they have some fan­tas­tic work, the per­fect bal­ance between cor­po­rate and boundary-pushing.

  • Antonio says

    David, he’s a busy guy but he’ll def­i­nitely get back to you. He’s pretty cool.

    San­dro, I agree. They have some nice work.

  • Glenn says

    Great designer to get an inter­view of Anto­nio! Nice to also see some of his work that I hadn’t come across so far.

  • Antonio says

    The Hel­vetica Time­line is actu­ally included in the Hel­vetica Lim­ited Edi­tion DVD. It’s letter-pressed and looks gorgeous.

  • Joey says

    Nice inter­view, Anto­nio. Love the Hel­vetica Timeline.

  • josh says

    the hel­vetica time­line is my favorite card in the hel­vetica box set. when i opened it up and saw that, it was just perfect.

  • david says

    I agree, he is a rather busy man,
    I was just afraid he deleted it!
    By the way, Dan @ dirty­mouse left you a com­ment regard­ing the Spin Mono­graph on Sep­tem­ber Industry.

  • Antonio says

    I’m going to take some detailed pho­tos of the Hel­vetica Time­line. and post them.