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Setting Up A Baseline Grid

baselinegrids.jpg Check out this excellent write up on Typophile on how to setup a flexible baseline grid in Adobe InDesign. The author has set up the grid so that every baseline is 12pts apart. This is a good setting that gives you a few leading options to choose from, but someone commented below the article that they've setup a 3pt system, which in my opinion works very nicely. Having a baseline every 3 pts gives you great flexibility with leading allowing you to create typography that is more dynamic. Have a read and also join in on the discussion. I've commented under the name YOTS.        

1 Comment on "Setting Up A Baseline Grid"

  • Corey says

    Third col­umn first two para­graphs, wid­ows; last col­umn, sec­ond para­graph, you missed a break, and please fix that ter­ri­ble rag.