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Die Neue Gesellschaft

die_NG_cover.jpg I've been searching for months and months now for a single copy of Die Neue Gesellschaft, a political magazine that was art directed by Helmut Schmid, but they seem to be extremely rare. I was able to get in touch with some people who curate Schmid's work and they sent over some original scans of the covers which are just gorgeous. I'm trying to get them to send over more but they haven't replied to me in a while. In the meantime drool over these. This design was first used in 1974 with issue #7 and remained in use until 1981. Honestly, I would pay good money for a complete set of these. I'm so obsessed with them.        

10 Comments on "Die Neue Gesellschaft"

  • Thanks for the scans Anto­nio. Hel­mut Schmid is a really inter­est­ing designer, most notably with these mag­a­zine cov­ers. I’m try­ing to get my hands on a copy of ‘Design is Atti­tude’, and have so far only been lucky enough to read ‘Typog­ra­phy Today’ (with con­tri­bu­tions by Crouwel, Wein­gart and Grig­nani) a beau­ti­ful book, but not nec­es­sar­ily a show­case of Schmid.

  • Bobbygrotesk says

    Helmut’s finest work.


    Nice post Antonio.

  • hi guys,

    first of all: hel­mut schmidt wasn’t a designer! :) he is our — germany’s — for­mer chan­cel­lor. see here: http://​en​.wikipedia​.org/​w​i​k​i​/​H​e​l​m​u​t​_​S​c​h​m​idt

    sec­ond: yes, the design is very clean and func­tional. okay, that’s cool, but that very, very typ­i­cal for print­ings in that time in ger­many — heav­ily affected by “die neue typogra­phie” by jan tschi­chold, bauhaus and later by “Ulm Design School”. so, it’s not very outstanding…


  • Antonio says

    It’s a dif­fer­ent Hel­mut Schmidt obviously.

    As for the design, it’s all sub­jec­tive and yes I’m aware of the ori­gins of the style, but to me this work is absolutely bril­liant. It’s sim­ple, clean and beautiful.

    If you don’t dig it then that’s cool, but to say that it’s not out­stand­ing because you don’t appre­ci­ate it is a bit overboard.

  • no, it isn’t. hel­mut schmidt was co-editor of this “mag­a­zine”, that’s true, but he wasn’t the designer. by the way: it was a polit­i­cal pub­li­ca­tion; pub­lished by “friedrich ebert stiftung”

    and: it’s not out­stand­ing cause is not out­stand­ing. sim­ple like that. there had been lots of pub­li­ca­tions like this one througout the six­ties and early sev­en­ties — over here ger­many — with that kind of design. so, it is not very out­stand­ing in the sense of: it’s not very rare… they all refer to tschi­chold, bauhaus & ulm


  • if you really look­ing for more of this “rare” stuff — just visit “die neue gesellschaft” here:


    maybe they have old copies…
    (but don’t tell them about hel­mut schmidt, the “designer”… ;) )


  • Antonio says

    First off the per­son I’m refer­ring to is called Hel­mut SCHMID, not SCHMIDT. Hel­mut Schmid is in fact a desiger and he did design this cover. There is a site about him here that cel­e­brates his work, which includes this cover. There is also a book about him and I even exchanged email with the peo­ple who curate his work and they con­firmed that Schmid designed this cover.

    I think you are very confused.

  • hm, you are right.. my fault — but schmid and schmidt… it’s late over here…

    stud­ied under Emil Ruder… but: he is not that famous in ger­many. and the design isn’t that out­stand­ing… is so typ­i­cal for that period in ger­man design… but maybe an exhi­bi­tion in a design school in düs­sel­dorf — the city where i live — chanced that…

    but, at the end: your point.

    you site looks great — btw… :)

  • Antonio says

    Andre, thanks.

  • Jamesy says

    Flirtin… :)