NetNewsWire Style 2.5


Version 2.5 of my NetNewsWire style is now available. The design is simple and clean with a great deal of focus on typography and legibility. In this new version I’ve made some improvements that will enhance the reading experience.

Another enhancement that I was hoping to implement was a consistent vertical baseline. But because of inconsistencies within RSS feeds it was very difficult to accomplish, probably even impossible. For example in certain feeds blocks of copy are not wrapped in the paragraph tag, instead just use the break tag. For this reason it’s hard to control the text and elements like images.

Anyhow, I’m very exited about the features I was able to add.

New Features in Version 2.5

  • Widows
    Prevention of typographic widows in titles and body copy via jQWidon’t.

  • Capitalization
    All words in title are capitalized.

  • Image Resize
    Images wider than 600px are resized to fit the fixed width of the style.

Special thanks to Oliver Boermans for helping me with some bugs.

To install just double click the file.

Download NNW Style 2.5        

17 thoughts on “NetNewsWire Style 2.5

  1. Beauty! Love this style, thanks for the update. Solves my long-standing issue with images that are too wide 🙂 And the prevention of widows is very nice.

  2. Cute. However, the capitalization “feature” makes it unusable if you want to read headlines in most languages but English. Too bad.

  3. Well, Antonio,

    let’s take a headline from one of the major German news pages,

    “Wahlcomputer: Experten warnen vor neuen Auszähl-Pannen bei US-Wahl”

    According to German grammar (not an easy one, BTW 🙂 The beginning of a sentence (or headline) is in capitals as well as nouns (plus some other stuff). Verbs, articles, adjectives, adverbs and stuff are in small letters only. If you’re used to the language, this will help you to very quickly understand the structure of a sentence (or headline).

    In a feed reader, you tend to browse through some hundreds or even thousand of headlines very quickly. Even if understanding the capitalized headlines only some milliseconds slower than the original or correct ones, this will add up to quite some time, also with the need of more of the reader’s concentration.

    Maybe it’s a nice feature for English-only (where I never understood the capitalization rules for titles and headlines anyway 🙂 – for other languages, it’s not. I like the design of Style 2.5 very much, so I simply deleted the capitalization command in the stylesheet.css.

    I hadn’t analyzed the structure of .nnewstyle files before but this was an easy one. Hopefully, I didn’t infringe upon any laws anywhere in the world or didn’t cause you any annoyance by acting this way. And sorry if my English seems a little bit rusty. I don’t have the cance to practise it too much these days.

    From Munich, Upper Bavaria, Germany


  4. Jens, no problem that you changed the CSS. I was going to do that for you anyway.

    As for the capitalization, pretty much the same rules apply to the English language but they’re not written in stone. But the rules are there not really for legibility but just to highly the hierarchy of the words. In terms of Titles and Headlines it’s okay to capitalize all words and I see your point but even in German it shouldn’t make the words illegible or even cause a delay. I mean to me there really isn’t a big different between:

    “Wahlcomputer: Experten warnen vor neuen Auszähl-Pannen bei US-Wahl”


    “Wahlcomputer: Experten Warnen Vor Neuen Auszähl-Pannen Bei US-Wahl”

    I would prefer to have control over which words to cap but I don’t. In the end I don’t see how this would make the style unusable.

    Anyway, thanks for the explanation.

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