Intervista: Peter Crnokrak

Born in Croatia, educated in Montréal, working in London. Peter Crnokrak is renowned graphic designer who’s worked has been featured in publications such as Grafik, IdN and Creative Review. He recently droped the ± (Plus MInus) moniker and found The Luxury of Protest. Peter took a moment to answer a few questions for AisleOne.

How long have you been designing?
I graduated form art college in Montréal a bit over three years ago – was in school for two, so in total about five years.

Who or what turned you on to graphic design?
Probably my parents of all people – even though they thoroughly discouraged me from entering the arts, they instilled in me a hardcore work ethic and curiosity for life – both of which have been more pivotal to my design practise than any other personality characteristics.

Who or what are your influences?
More varied than I care to name, but here’s a go: love, black/white, politics, talent, sleeping pills, restrictions, These New Puritans, loss and failure, Littl’ans, computational origami & EE, passion, Lundun’s slate gray skies, William Blake, how moving your mouse helps speed up computer functions, Byron, graphite sheen, Foals, how sadness can be joyful…


What is your favorite typeface?
At the moment Akkurat – but I only use the bold weight – no less than 13 pt for body text – for me it’s the only true sans-serif successor to Helvetica.

What is your favorite color palette to work with?
Black to white, and Victorian Rose.

Can you explain your creative process from brief to completion?
Boredom – Motivation – Idea – Thinking – Questioning – Doubting – Self-Loathing – Momentary Elation – Emptiness – Iteration – Trying Too Hard – Iteration – Flow – Flow – Fortuitous Circumstance – Denial – Determination – Capitulation – A Momentary Sense of Satisfaction.


Do you use a grid system when designing and how do you feel about them?
Grids are great – particularly when you design all elements to fit into them and then make countless optical adjustments off the grid.

Who do you feel is currently doing innovative work?
Anyone who is truly passionate about their path in life. More specifically: Scott King – always and forever, Hedi Slimane, Robert Lang, Jen Stark, Raf Simons, Ben Fry, Jan van Munster, These New Puritans, Robert Fisk, Grand People, Patrick Cockburn, Pixelgarten and Matt Pyke.


What are you currently working on?
Trying not to get bored with myself by creating the same old shit using the same old processes – am moving in new circles and pushing myself into uncomfortable boxes – am meeting new creatives and loving their take on life – am preparing myself for lateral directions and to shed my skin again – giving up on old ways and exploring new avenues.

Specifically? – computational origami. I found a like-minded soul to collaborate with who is stunningly-talented and thinks as much as I do.

Also just re-printed A_B_ peace & terror etc. – this version comes printed on GFSmith plasma polycoat glass clear – a 350 micron plastic that really brings out the subtle pearlescence in the graphite and white – it also nearly disappears when mounted on a such that the graph looks like it’s floating.


What is your favorite color?
It’s a toss up between Pearl White and Dirty Pink – or how about both : reminds me of the Queen, or queens.

What is your favorite album?
Newish :
These New Puritans : Beat Pyramid
Littl’ans : Primitive World
Foals : Antidotes

Oldish :
Joy Division : Closer
The Libertines : Up the Bracket
Death in June : But What Ends When the Symbols Shatter?
The Smiths : The Queen Is Dead

What is your favorite movie?
Wings of Desire / Far Away So Close

Intervista is a series of interviews conducted for AisleOne with some of todays top talents in graphic design.


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