Nike Air Jordan IV


I pull inspiration from all sorts of things in life, not only graphic design, and one example of these inspirations is this legendary pair of sneakers, the Nike Air Jordan IV’s. Originally released in 1988, the IV’s were re-released this weekend and I picked up two pairs since no one knows when they’ll be released again, if ever.

The simple, minimal design is still perfect 20 years later, making them one of the best designed sneakers in history.

They’re pretty much sold-out but Finishline just restocked a few more sets so grabbed them before they’re gone.        

7 Comments on "Nike Air Jordan IV"

  • Steve says

    lol… $600 on two pairs of shoes? Your priorities are sadly misplaced, my friend. 🙂

  • Antonio says

    How does someone who doesn’t know a thing about me try to assume what my priorities are? I wouldn’t dare try to do the same thing to you. Please don’t assume you know me, thanks.

    As for the price I paid, no where near that, but it’s still a lot more than I usually pay for sneakers. Considering how limited and rare these are, I made an exception this one time.

    Worry about yourself, don’t worry about my life.

  • Steve says

    “Worry about yourself, don’t worry about my life.”

    You’re the one posting a recent buy of yours online, not me.

  • Steve says

    And by the way, neither of my comments were belligerent so please stop flipping out. Enjoy your shoes.

  • Antonio says

    I’m calm as clam and definitely enjoying my shoes. Thanks.

  • jung says

    it is obvious that steve here doesn’t know anything about anything. not trying to start an argument, but it’s the AJs mang! MJMJMJ! the greatesttttttt to ever play. no other.

    +, it is a designer’s nature to like/love sneakers.

    Good purchase, Tony!

  • Yangmi says

    I love it and Nike air max 2009.