More Rare Swiss Design Books


These next two additions to my collection have to be the most rare and the most expensive but also the most satisfying. Publicity and Graphic Design in the Chemical Industry (1967) and Graphic Design in Swiss Industry (1965) are both by Hans Neuberg and are part of the excellent ABC Verlag collection and contain page after page of some of the finest design work you’ll ever see. From packaging to letterheads these books will keep you hypnotized for hours… if you can find them.

You can see more photos from both books on my Flickr page.        

7 thoughts on “More Rare Swiss Design Books

  1. It’s such a pitty that these books are so hard to find. It would be great if one could take the time and photograph them, since I doubt they’ll be reprinted soon, if ever. And the excellent design examples they contain are made by the best designers of the 20th century, classics most of them.

  2. It would be great is they would reprint these. They actually do reprint some of them but unfortunately these two aren’t on the list.

  3. Really? Do you know which books they’ll reprint? I’ve been looking this morning on the web for other ABC Verlag published books, they seem to have released so many great design books during the 70’s.

  4. Yes, I know this one, I’m hoping they’ll reprint the books about corporate identity, that’s what I’m most interested in 🙂


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