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Andreas Pihlström is a Lead Art Director at North Kingdom and specializes in graphic design and typography for print and interactive design. His work has been featured in Computer Arts and is the founder of the type foundry Typisc and co-founder of the design portal Reform & Revolution.

How long have you been designing?
I’ve been in the industry since 1996. Started at a traditional advertising agency as junior designer. About a years later, the agency converted me from print to interactive design. They started a web-related company in Stockholm, Sweden and soon after launch, they sent me to New York hoping to get international clients. That’s how it all started

Who or what turned you on to graphic design?
Graffiti. Big colorful letters and shapes. I just love it. And, to be honest, I love the feeling of rush in the body – adrenaline.
I miss it.

Who or what are your influences?
Creative and like minded people. And by like minded people, I mean, people who understand my way of choosing directions. I just love people who do their own thing, who’s not afraid of doing something wrong or bad. I envy people who can see thru what’s important or not, in relationships, choices, life etc. I have no one in particular in mind, but I have tons of people I like because of different reasons.

What is your favorite typeface?
There are so many, way too many. But, Helvetica Neue is there, in my font collection all the time.


What is your favorite color palette to work with?
Differs from time to time, from day to day. But I love pale colors together with darker earthy colors.

Can you explain your creative process from brief to completion?
All depends on the project. But here at North Kingdom, we use pen and paper very often. Have meetings several times per day.
Working non-stop until we’re 100% satisfied with the results. We usually on one major project instead of several, which makes it easier to make the result perfect.

Do you use a grid system when designing and how do you feel about them?
I ALWAYS use grids. I love it. My type of graphic design without grids is like shooting yourself in the head. My latest font Quart is made using my own grid software “Quartype”. The software is basically a drawing tool where you have a bunch of different shapes to play around with. Then when you’re satisfied with the result, you export the shapes as an Adobe Illustrator file and viola’ – you can start making a font out of it.

Who do you feel is currently doing innovative work?
Matt Pyke.


What are you working on now?
Several projects. But the most active project (at the moment) would be the new design portal Reform & Revolution that me and Robert Lindström started last week.

What is your favorite color?
Any that fits my needs.

What is your favorite album?
Ahh.. I do not have a favorite album, but my iTunes library currently contains albums and EPs from artists such as Apparat, Deadbeat, Fluxion, Vladislav Delay and Autechre.

What is your favorite movie?
I love movies and I do not have any favorites. But, I’m not keen on big budget US movies if I’m not at home and got high fever.

A movie I recently enjoyed was David Lynch’s latest movie Inland Empire.

Intervista is a series of interviews conducted for AisleOne with some of todays top talents in graphic design.


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