Akkurat Specimen 1-7

Akkurat Specimen 1-7

I hate it when I find out about an item that I really want after it’s already sold out. The Akkurat Specimen offered by Lineto and designed by Laurenz Brunner is one of those items. The first edition is sold out and no longer available but they’re currently considering a second revised and extended edition. If you would like to get your hands on a second edition as much as me, shoot them an email and maybe if enough of us request it we can get our hands on a copy.

The «Akkurat Specimen 1-7» package contains 4 booklets showcasing all seven cuts in various sizes and settings. They are punch-cut for easy storage in standard folders. By way of an ingenious folding technique, each booklet unfolds into a poster sized 390 x 600 mm.

4 booklets 150 x 195 mm, wraps and stickers.
2 colour offset printing with spot varnish.
Comes in a special foil-blocked sturdy cardboard envelope for safe delivery.

Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies by Calff & Meischke and Verhil Foiledruk, The Netherlands.
Designed by Laurenz Brunner

Via Swiss Legacy

5 thoughts on “Akkurat Specimen 1-7

  1. Me too. Almost wish I hadn’t seen this post now. Beautiful work. I wonder if anyone would like to donate a copy to me;)

    Keep up the great work on this site–inspiring stuff.

  2. John, your wish is my command. Check out the Subscribe section on the left.

    It is a bummer that this great piece is no longer available. I found another great item that is sold out as well. I’ll post about it later.

  3. Why buy something like this? If you really wanted to, you could make it yourself for less money (assuming you’ve licensed/stolen the typeface). Hey, sorry, I’m not trying to insult your taste. I’m just trying to say that a lot of people in the world are struggling, and if you happen to have a bunch of extra money sitting around, please send it my way.

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