Alex Eben Meyer

Alex Eben Meyer

I don’t feature much illustration work on here but when I do, it’s because it’s just so fucking good. My good buddy Alex is one of those kick-ass illustrators that you can’t ignore. His unique style, colors and textures make his work stand out from the rest, like a Phillies fan at Shea Stadium. Alex and I meet years ago at a dreadful agency and in those days he was building terrible Flash sites with me. Now he focuses all of his time on illustrating and we should all be grateful. A Philadelphian living in NYC, he’s done work for The New York Times and PC Magazine as well as some skateboard illo’s for 5Boro NYC. This dude is so hardcore that up until recently he’s kept Classic OS 9 on his Mac just so he could run Adobe Streamline. That’s being dedicated to your art. I’ve been asking this punk to sell me one of his illo’s as a large print for years, but he’s just slacking off. Maybe it’s cause I hate the Phillies.        

One thought on “Alex Eben Meyer

  1. It’s amazing that I can agree with you so whole heartedly on the topic of Alex Meyer being a kick ass illustrator, while at the same time disagree with you completely on how incredibly awesome the phightin’ phils are.

    Well, it sounds like you are a mets, fan, so I can certainly see your pain… especially after what the Phillies did to you in ’07, and are in the process of doing to your sad ass team in ’08.

    Go Alex, go Phils!

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