I Love Typography Wallpaper

I Love Typography Wallpaper

Here’s an early holiday present for all readers out there. I initially made this for the superb type blog, I Love Typography, but I ended up making a different one for them. I still love how this came out so I wanted to share it with everyone. It’s sort of a homage to typography, with meanings of some familiar type terms at the bottom, and I initially used the grid as a design tool but then decided to make it part of the design itself. It’s only available in 1920×1200 because if I resize it, the grid gets funky. Head over to the Wallpaper section to download this dope ass wallpaper.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Happy holidays.        

2 thoughts on “I Love Typography Wallpaper

  1. Hi,
    I love this screensaver and I’m actually using it on my iMac. I wish you used hyphenation to allow a better word spacind on those narrow columns.
    Congrats for this beautiful site.
    P. S.
    Rome, Italy

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