RSS Sponsorship Now Available

Week-long exclusive sponsorships for AisleOne’s syndicated RSS feed are now available. This is a great way to promote your product, service, or company.

Sponsorship price is $300 and includes:

  • A readership of 10,000 RSS Subscribers, 135,000+ monthly page views and 17,100+ Twitter followers.
  • Exclusive week-long sponsorship.
  • A promotional post at the start of the week. This will appear on the site, and in the RSS Feed. The promo will also live permanently in the site archives.
  • A tweet will be sent out at the start of the week.

Head over to the Sponsorship page to see which weeks are available.

Email me to schedule an exclusive sponsorship or for more information.

To The Readers

I know promos can suck, but it does cost a bit to keep this site going. So what does this mean? Once a week a short, single post will be made promoting something that makes sense to you, and to this blog. So you will not see a promo for motor oil. It will be something relevant to you: designers, artists, photographers, architects and creatives. The posts will be clearly marked, so if you choose to ignore it, you can. They will be very unobtrusive, just text with no images. If you have any feedback on how the promos should be displayed, let me know.