The Birth Of A Tool

The Birth Of A Tool is a three-part documentary series showing the hand-crafted process of how John Neeman Tools are made. The films are beautifully shot, and are just mesmerizing. Seeing a master craftsman at work is a thing of beauty. There’s something special about making something real with your hands.

John Neeman Tools is a small Latvia based company that produces super high quality knives, axes, chisel and longbow using traditional techniques. The way they combined wood, metal and leather is superb.

Above is Part I, and here is Part II and Part III.

Leica T

Leica T

Leica T

The Leica T is a new mirror-less camera system which features a super minimal design, and a body made completely out of a single block of aluminum. Aesthetically, it’s beautiful. There are only a few buttons on the top, and the everything else is handled through the touchscreen on the back.

The level of engineering and craftsmanship that goes into making a Leica T is impressive as expected. The way the strap connects to the camera seems brilliant, and the body is polished by hand for 45 minutes. The video above shows the entire 45 minute polishing process.

A lot of products today don’t offer this kind of craftsmanship. Good to see some companies that still care.

The Wishbone Chair

The Wishbone Chair was designed in 1949 by Danish designer Hans J. Wegner for furniture company Carl Hansen & Søn. The classic chair has been in production since 1950, and is always been handmade by the finest craftsman. The chair is made of 14 parts, and requires 100 separate processes, which takes around 3 weeks to complete.

What’s so impressive with Wegner’s chair designs is that they’re over 50 years old, but still look very modern. He was ahead of his time.

Design Milk got a behind-the-scenes look at how the chair is made, and they took some great photos of the process.

The video above also gives a glimpse into the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every chair. They are expensive, but worth every penny.