[Sponsor] Boxshot, Origami, Boxshot VR

Boxshot, Origami and Boxshot VR are a suite of products that let designers visualize and present their work in 3D.

Boxshot is an application that lets you create and render 3D mockups using a selection of over 50 customizable shapes. It includes advanced features like a built-in raytracing engine and camera and materials control.

Origami is a plu­gin for Illus­tra­tor that takes your die-cut lay­out and gen­er­ates a 3D pre­view right in the app. You can then save an image or export it as a model.

Boxshot VR allows you to take a sequence of images and turn them into an HTML5 3d object that renders in a browser. No fancy plugins needed.

These products are a great and simple way to turn your work into 3D objects. Use code AISLEONE to get a 20% discount on Boxshot, Origami or Boxshot VR. Offer valid till the end of December.

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