[Sponsor] Scoutzie

Image if your perfect job was a reality? Image if you could work for yourself, from anywhere around the world, any time? You would not have to be at the office, you would not have to commute, or be at your work at 9am. You could eat lunch by the beach, or on a top of a mountain, whatever you are into. What if the world could adopt to your schedule? Would not that be something!

At Scoutzie we believe that we can create this future, the world where people don’t work from nine-to-five but rather freelance, as much as or as little as they please. We think that as the planet becomes interconnected, creative professionals should be able to solve problem around the world, without having to leave the comfort of their homes. It is completely possible to find and do work online, in a way that is safe, friendly and fast, in a way that benefits both you and the person that hired you.

Scoutzie is a marketplace for design where anyone could start their agency and start working with clients tomorrow. We brought together a community and built tools to keep everyone happy and highly engaged. Check it out, see for yourself.

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