Massimo Vignelli Makes Books

In this video created by Pentagram’s Michael Bierut and Aron Fay for Mohawk, Massimo Vignelli discusses his process of designing a book using a grid system. He draws out each page on paper, including the photos. To me this seems so inefficient, but it works for him. It’s so fascinating to get a glimps into his design process.

Along with the video a small limited edition journal with Vignelli’s grid from the film is printed on 100 interior pages made of Mohawk Superfine. You can get a copy of the journal from Mohawk. Got me one!

1 Comment on "Massimo Vignelli Makes Books"

  • Thanks for sharing the video, work of experts in any field is inspirational for new comers. Although he uses old way of designing, but I think it’s good idea for newbies. After drawing on paper, they have to do-little efforts to convert it to digital media.