VHS Graphics


Lovely set of old VHS box graphics. I grew up with this stuff, and never really paid attention to it then, but looking at it now makes me appreciate the designs much more.

Via ISO50

6 Comments on "VHS Graphics"

  • Lewis M says

    Concur exactly. Never would have given these much thought in terms of design but it is actually good! Brings back memories. I wonder if I still have some old covers somewhere…

  • pat taylor says

    how far back does it go?

  • Henrik says

    VHS boxes and audio cassette inlay cards were amongst my first real inspiration sources, two of the things that got me interested in graphic design when I grew up in the 80s. Surprisingly many of these old cassettes can be seen on the web!

  • i scanned in a load of my old VHS tape covers. Posterous is shutting down, but until then I have them here: http://colinelliot.posterous.com/vhs-cassette-boxes

  • These are so “vintage” looking that this sort of style of thing is back in fashion again. Flat colours on flat backgrounds.

    They’re lovely. I remember some of the old tape boxes being particularly bad. I think Memorex and TDK were really terrible!