Arnaud Mercier Retrospective 1999–2011

Arnaud Mercier

Arnaud Mercier, co-founder of Area 17, passed away last year and a great site was put together in his honor. I didn’t personally know Arnaud, but his work was a big influence on me. I’d always head over to Elixirstudio to get inspired. The work he did for Elan was my favorite.

3 Comments on "Arnaud Mercier Retrospective 1999–2011"

  • The site is *very* well put-together, good grief, I’m in awe. I believe I’ll find plenty of inspiration there as well.

  • Marc says

    What a tragic loss. An amazing designer.

  • I feel embarrassed to have not known about Arnaud. Truly an amazing talent—and retrospective. There aren’t many designers alive or deceased that have a body of work this diverse and of such high quality. We can probably count on one hand. Seriously remarkable and impressive.