Mangoola Identity


Australian design firm, End of Work, created this wonderful identity for a coal mine called Mangoola. I never imagined that a coal mine could have such beautiful print material. They explain:

Mangoola is a coal mine situated in Australia. “Mangoola” is thought to mean “black cockatoo” in Aboriginal language. The Cockatoo is a native bird to Australia. Using the name’s meaning as inspiration Sydney based studio End of Work created beautiful print pieces to represent the the feathers of a bird and the strata layers of the earth. This was achieved through a large foil blocked pattern, and laser cutting paper. Launch invitations, Commemorative books, brochures, cards and stationery was produced on black Notturno paper stock.

3 thoughts on “Mangoola Identity

  1. as much as the matte black may look classy, it makes perfect sense. it’s a beautiful work.

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