Polaroid Branding

Polaroid Branding

In 1958, Polaroid hired graphic designer Paul Giambarba to help them develop a new visual brand that would separate them from Kodak. What Paul designed was a simple, beautiful and unique visual language. At its core was a color bar system and sans-serif typeface that is still recognizable today. The typeface used in the branding is News Gothic, by Morris Fuller Benton.

To my enjoyment, Paul has blog where he’s written about the branding and gives a little insight on what went into developing this brand. This info is pure gold, and hopefully it remains available for a long time.

7 thoughts on “Polaroid Branding

  1. Surprisingly contemporary, as it happens. Apart from the actual products, it’s scary how quickly Polaroid disappeared as a major brand. I see that they produce mobile phones. Good luck with that.

  2. 1958 was the year my mother was born, but even so, these designs would still work today – impressive.

    Awesome piece of work by Giambarba to help catapult “Polaroid” into our minds. I believe most of todays top brands would even envy Polaroid that sort of graphical branding! ­čÖé

  3. Hello Antonio,
    For my very first comment on your blog I’d like to thank you a lot for sharing this project and infos. As Michael and Peter said already, all of these pieces are definitely contemporary…It’s a lesson !

    Happy christmas to you folks

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